23 Apr

Śikṣā kā prabhāva (The Influence of Education)


     I was born in Nasik, India. I came to the United States in fall 2013 when I was 25. I came here for a better education.

     I came here on a student F1 Visa Status, which is the official U.S. government designation and authorization of your stay in the U.S. as a non-immigrant student. The reason I came to the US was to pursue a higher education (Masters). The United States is a pioneer in the field of information technology, it has the best education to offer with the right infrastructure and facilities. The education in India is not as advanced and the model of study is more focused on articles rather than exams. For example over in India, they were only limited to teaching me one coding language because that’s how the curriculum was built versus here were I could take as many as I want. I received my Bachelors in Information Technology in 2010.

     Living here is great. The people of the United States are really friendly and like to help you a lot, at least that’s how my experience has been while living here. I can’t emphasize enough how far superior the education is here and it surely makes a difference to your knowledge and learning. The cities here are also beautiful (New York, Seattle, New Jersey, Dallas) with great things to watch out for; I just really enjoy living here.

     I am not trying to obtain a permit or citizenship because I would like to go back to my home country once I’m done with my masters. I don’t wish to stay here because of my family back home. If I were to find a good job then I would stay here, otherwise I’m going home because I miss my younger sister and parents.

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