A Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder) is someone who has been granted permission to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.  You can become a permanent resident several different ways. 

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Permanent Residence Information is provided by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

What are the requirements?  The paperwork required to receive a Permanent Residence Includes:

  • Permanent Resident Alien Card (I-551)
  • Foreign passport stamped by the U.S. Government indicating that the holder has been
    “Processed for I-551″
  • Permanent resident Re-entry Permit (I-327)
  • Arrival Departure Form I-94 with “Temporary I-551” stamp and holder’s photograph affixed
  • Travel Document issued to Permanent Residents (I-327)
  • Travel Document issued to Refugees (I-571)
  • Form I-94 stamped  with one of the following statuses:  Asylee, Parolee or Parole, Refugee, Asylum, HP-humanitarian parolee or PIP-public interest parolee

In addition to all these documents, most applications for a green card require that you go through a medical exam.

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