“I came from a big and poor family of 10 brothers and sisters. I was the third youngest out of all my brothers and sisters and the only one to come to the United States. I knew I had to come to the United States to help them out. I needed to help my father and mother to pay for the house and many other things back at home. I remember watching my mother wash our clothes on top of a rock because we didn’t have a washer, I couldn’t help but be frustrated seeing that and other things. My first goal was to buy my mother a washer and the second was to help my father with the family.” - The Echoes of Many

     Why We Left Home is an informational site that gives people an insight on the issue that is legal and illegal immigration. It is a site dedicated to those who can’t speak out publicly because of the fear of being deported or even human rights abuses such as: trafficking, rape, and other serious violent crimes.

     Throughout the stirring and controversial debate on immigration in the United States, many disputes have been made for comprehensive immigration reform that would legalize the millions of undocumented immigrants in the US amongst other issues like the DREAM Act, Deportation, Citizenship, obtaining a passport, to even how ICE is dealing with current situations.

     The League of United Latin American Citizens, Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights through Education, North Texas Dream Team, The Dream Act Coalition, to name a few and many other organizations as well as strong individuals are trying to help the cause to try and stop, help, and work out all these issues so this whole situation can be a thing of the past.

     People are sacrificing their lives, their family, and their home to come here and people need to understand the real reason as to why they leave their homes. This site is the chance to be able to change people’s perspectives on any immigration status by giving OUR story.